These beads are making a big ‘ripple’ in the bead world!

We have been so lucky to be one of the first bead stores in North America to get our hands on these fabulous Ripple Beads by Preciosa. They are so named for the rippled edge they have all the way around their flat, disk shaped bodies. They are very versatile: you can use them strung normally in a series, use them as spacer beads between beads, or let their big 12mm faces hang out in your bead woven designs. The colors are very beautiful and varied, and many have two different colors on each side, making them so interesting.
Preciosa have launched their new bead with several design ideas which have created quite the buzz. There are also some amazing photos for inspiration available on Preciosa’s Flickr site here.

You buy all you need to make these patterns on our site of course, They are selling fast and we have already made a second order after only 24 hours!

(Originally published March 5, 2015)

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