Focus on Portable Storage

You may have only recently started beading or maybe your collection is growing, but we all have that one question… ‘How do I store my beads but also take them to bead groups or maybe on vacation?’.

Some people prefer to keep their beads in the packages they came in maybe stored in a tote box. Some like Tube Towers. When I first started beading I used a handy roll-along tool box, which kept all my supplies in one place but was a bit too large to take out and about with me!

Here at The Beading Room we hope to have the solution.

The new Bead Voyager Work Book has a space and solution for everything! It has elastics to hold your tools, pockets to store your threads etc, a handy removable tube tower and even a cushioned bead mat. It all zips up to a handy 12x3x9 inch folder with a carry handle and removable strap.

This portable caddy goes from being a bag to a hanging storage system. it includes 4 storage boxes which just slide into the pockets in the caddy. It can be hung so you can see at a glance all your treasures, ideal for smaller work spaces, then just fold it up and take it with you!

This portable bead tube storage system is an affordable way to store 138 small (2-3 inches tubes-like our Miyuki Tubes) or 69 large (5-6 inches tubes). Or an assortment of both! It measures 8X16 inches when closed and flat. But it pops up into a triangular tower when in use so you can see and access all your beads easily taking up little table space.  Elasticated bands hold all your tubes snugly in place.  It also includes a clear pouch to carry your flattened tower with you where ever you want to bead. 

The mini tube tower holds up to sixty 2-3 inch tubes, thirty 5-6 inch tubes and measures 20cm by 18cm when folded

(Originally published February 16, 2020)

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