Making Your Head Spin … with ideas!

I don’t know about you, but my level of bead obsession means that I want choices. I want to loom, do bead embroidery, try my hand at precision-driven, delica-imperative bead boxes and other 3D patterns … and now, I’ll be able to save loads of time when making French beaded flowers, gluing beads on objects, kumihimo, looming, and multi-strand necklaces!

Our newest tool? The bead spinner!

This gizmo is quite lovely – perfect for bookshelf display.

Powered by a spin of the hand, it’s small size means that you don’t need a large quantity of beads for it to work efficiently.

Well crafted, it facilitates bead pick up at any speed … but not too fast (!) or the beads may go flying!

If you do any seed bead projects where you need lots of the same colour bead, the spinner is a marvel. Beads simply glide onto the needle! Can you imagine how fast some of your projects could have been if you hadn’t had to string on One. Tiny. Bead. At a time?

Check out these these replacement curved big eye needles and these insertable trays, which allow you to switch out a tray for a pattern of alternating colours.

BTW, we also stock the kumihimo starter pack, in case you’re curious!

I hope your head is spinning with the possibilities!

Your beads on the brain bud, Cathy

P.S. To see how easy peasy this bead spinner is to use, check out YouTube videos!

(Originally published May 12, 2021)

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