Sun-loving Window Beads

I can’t believe it’s already August! Somehow summer sneaks up on me and I feel desperate to spend time in the sun. This new bead now available from The Beading Room was made for the sun!

Always on the lookout for special beads, we are now stocking 6-inch strands of Czech-made table cut beads, aka “window beads.”

Table cut refers to how they are made. Cut by a special grindstone, both sides are flat but the edge finishes vary and add texture, dimension, and shape to the bead.

The term window bead refers to the polished flat surface, which lets the finish and colour shine through.

They. Are. GORGEOUS!! But you have to see them in person to see the depth and feel their effect.!

Our strands, sold by color choices, offer different bead shapes – Hawaiian flowers, animal, faceted and cubes. Quantities may vary according to how large some of the bead choices are – count on between 12 and 15 beads.

Use these in multi-strand bracelets or necklaces, interspersed with larger seed beads or smaller rounds, in creating a suncatcher beaded window treatment … or in a simple dangling earring set. Uses will spring to mind once you have these in front of you – they’re inspiring!

Bead in the sun! Cathy

(Originally published August 4, 2021)

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