Meet Suzanne Golden.

If you are a beader who yearns for color – or maybe fears color! – prepare to be inspired to the max by the work of January’s profiled bead artist, Suzanne Golden.

In Suzanne’s words, “Color is my biggest influence. I see everything from people to nature in terms of color, and am inspired to create.”

Suzanne readily admits that she pushes boundaries. And the visuals of her work demonstrate that so well – her vivid use of color, size, and three dimensions expands typical beading boundaries.

Bold beading led to Suzanne’s book and acknowledgements. Her work earned a spot in NYC’s jewelry show, LOOT, held at The Museum of Art and Design, as well as in other exhibitions.

Beading since 1995, Suzanne found her beading muse in geometric work and gives credit to Jean Power and the Bead and Button Show. As she put it “I fell madly in love.” (I can relate!)

This photo is Suzanne’s contribution to a Johnson Solids beading project arranged by Diane Fitzgerald, in which 92 beaders created 92 geometric shapes using Delica beads. (Suzanne added her signature plastic bead version in the photo to the right.)

This final photo is Suzanne’s latest creation, which is defined as having 20 faces.

“Wow…how are you going to top this one,” an admirer asked. “I’m only as good as the last piece I made and my intention is to always best myself,” she explains, a bit worried about topping this beauty.

Grabbing her creativity from spontaneous ideas or visuals, her “upstairs studio,” as Suzanne calls her brain, will undoubtedly come up with a new design idea, as it always does!

Follow Suzanne on Instagram at beadygurl_duchess_of_dover and admire more of her glorious work at

Let’s push our beady boundaries! Cathy

(Originally published January 15, 2022)

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