Meet Neva Brown

We have introduced you to bead artists from the Netherlands, US, and Canada, and this month we dive “down under” to acquaint you with Aussie Neva Brown.

Neva’s artistic talents first expressed themselves through both interior and graphic design, fields in which she has been professionally successful for many years, and in which global clients, travel, and studies undoubtedly had a profound influence on her beady creations.

Dabbling in jewellery for forever, Neva reacquainted herself with “seedies” in 2003 when a health scare and need for rehabilitation presented her with the gift of time. Her growth as a beader was influenced by Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummli, and Laura McCabe – whom she admired for their precision.

A self-confessed perfectionist, Neva’s high standards are evident in her signature bead collars and she has proudly participated in every Battle of the Beadsmiths since its inception a decade ago. Pictured right is her 2021 submission, Atlantis. Her collars have gone on to win many awards in Australia

In addition to bead embroidery, Neva also loves bead weaving for which she favours the sculptural facility of CRAW stitch; she loves creating complex pieces using off loom beading techniques. Exhibited in galleries and art societies, or donated to charity fundraisers, many of Neva’s pieces have new owners.

The Sceptre, pictured to the left, was entered in the Toho Challenge, 2017. It was selected to be displayed at the Bead & Button Show that year, went on to be displayed at several shows around the USA, and then take up residency in the Toho Museum for 12 months – a humbling and gratifying experience!

Neva’s giving nature expresses itself in sharing her knowledge. “In 2016,” writes Neva, “I set up the Macarthur Bead Society, a community of dedicated beaders coming together to create outstanding pieces of wearable art and accessories using beads and mixed media. We offer workshops and challenges to tantalise our members’ creative juices, and to nurture beaders of all skill levels to become the best they can be…and have fun along the way.”

To inspire us all, Neva shared this encouragement: “Look around you – inspiration is everywhere! Journal and collect pictures of things that take your breath away…really see what’s around you…you’ll get the mojo going and before you know it, you’ll be creating pieces you never thought you could.”

One day she would love to design a jewellery line for a fashion runway show or for a theatre production. Wouldn’t that be fun?

It’s another beadiful day, bead on! Cathy

(Originally published May 11, 2022)

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