Meet Bead Designer Rachel Lahav

Rachel LahavRachel, who beads from her hometown of Haifa, Israel, began beading in 2007, as a hobby. She now shares designs of her own under the business name, Rachel’s Magic Beads, a name inspired because “beads are magical to me and jewelry made with beadweaving techniques look magical” – bead lovers understand the magic of beads very well!

Mostly self-taught, Rachel began with simple wirework and stringed jewelry, creating necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Queen of Fantasy Necklace

The magic began when Rachel learned to make a beadwoven ring from an online tutorial. With a successful first project, Rachel searched out more ring patterns. This led her to find many such lessons in Japanese, made possible with easy-to-follow videos. Using mainly Czech beads and clear nylon fishing line, Rachel created pendants as well as rings from the techniques she was learning.

The evolution of Rachel’s beadwork continued with the discovery of bead magazines – Bead & Button, Beadwork, and others that expanded Rachel’s repertoire of beadweaving techniques and stitches.

And finally her beading path led her to beadwork designer Svetlana Einy , with whom Rachel has worked closely for some years. Rachel also gains inspiration from designers such as Isabella Lam, Smadar Grossman, Sabine Lippert, amongst others.

Blue Crystal Fantasy

An avid teacher, Rachel has been teaching beadweaving techniques since 2009 to students from little ones to seniors, and of all abilities.

In 2018, Rachel began creating her own patterns and kits for beaders all over the world. She is thrilled to know that people enjoy her designs, which begin as an idea that she tenaciously doesn’t give up on until she is satisfied with the results. And her results are spectacular!

Rachel’s designs vary from subdued to vibrant colorways, and each of her distinct designs feels sophisticated and elegant.

“For me the colors and the energetic effects of them are very much part of my final pieces,” shared Rachel. Most of her designs are suitable for intermediate to advanced beaders. 

Annette NecklaceStar Dust Bracelet

To check out her designs, connect to Rachel on Facebook at Rachel’s Magic Beads. Peruse available designs in the photo tab, and to follow through with a purchase of a pattern, kit, or tutorial, send a PM. 


Keep feelin’ the bead magic, Cathy

Bella EarringsPrincess Aurora NecklaceIrisa Necklace


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