Marsala- The New Pantone Color of the Year 2015

comfy chair, under a gnarled olive tree, the dappled sunshine warming your skin and a slightly cooled glass of wine in your hand…you’re in Sicily. And this is what has inspired Pantone’s color for 2015. The rich, earthy, robust color of Marsala wine. A color that enriches the soul, warms the heart and nourishes the body. Sexy and seductive, but grounded, Marsala is THE color to design with this year. From kitchens, to clothes, to lipstick shades, you will see this robust color pop up everywhere over the coming months. So, how do you incorporate this color trend into your jewelry? Have a look at this photo collage of Marsala-like beading supplies we have created to inspire you.

Marsala at The Beading Room
1. On the Surface Fiber Embellishments Fine Wines $6.99   2. Swarovski Pearls 8mm Bordeaux Qty:25 $4.99   3. S-Lon Bead Cord Wine $4.69   4. Miyuki Delica 8/0 DBL0172 Strawberry Wine TR Qty:9g $3.59  5. Czech Tri Beads 4.6mmx1.3mm Magic Wine Qty:5g $3.69  6. Swarovski Polygon Drop 21mm Burgundy $6.99

(Originally published January 14, 2015)

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