June 2020 – In and Out of Fashion

Sometimes I think that the saying “nothing is certain but death and taxes” should be amended to include changes in fashion.
We are pressured to fit in by conforming to seasonal changes, and, if ignored, we might find our stylistic failures the fodder or trendy articles! (I’ve recognized my own fashion follies, but hey, I’m no Anna Wintour!)
In our world, beads are also subject to the new, the next, the marvelous.
Take miracle beads, whose magic is created when light passes through the lacquer exterior and reflects the mirror core. The illusion of depth seems miraculous!
Today, these beads have been pushed aside by pearls and crystals.
But miracle beads still have great uses – see the list below – and best of all? You’ll find them in our clearance section!

☆ That super shine makes miracle beads perfection for seasonal holiday crafts – beaded ornaments, stars, snowmen, holiday party earrings and necklaces.

☆ These beads catch the eye as they appear to emit light, which makes them ideal for craft sales. A quick “Google” search revealed that top craft show sellers include bookmarks, keychains, magnets, jewelry, headbands, candles – can you see using a few lustrous lovelies in one of these?

☆ When you need impact, the miracle bead delivers! Sew them onto a costume – Hallowe’en, children’s dress-up trunk, a seasonal celebration pageant, belly dance – and voila! Instant attention. Along a hemline, waistline, shoulders, neckline, or on a princess crown. For only a few dollars, you’ve made your costume memorable. And little princesses always appreciate blingy accessories!

☆ And lastly, these beads are seriously ideal for projects where netting obscures a hidden gem within.

The miracle bead never retreats, rather it proclaims itself beautiful! Here’s a lovely example of a Filled Tubular Netting Bracelet from Stephanie of Bronze Pony Beaded Jewelry. If miracle beads are not your thing, check out our pearls, Czech, and Swarovski rounds!
Bead on!

(Originally published June 12, 2020)

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