I See Some Sea Glass

Well I found myself on a beautiful beach, just outside Halifax, searching for sea glass. It was the first time I had attempted to collect any and I have long admired the soft, frosted effect the sea has on scrap glass. It transforms it into a magical substance, inspiring a hundred pieces of jewelry before I have even plucked it out of the sand!

It wasn’t as easy as it first appeared however. My eyes roamed across the width of the sand and for every little gem I found probably twenty that were not up to standard. It is such a disappointing feeling discovering the most beautiful teal colored glass poking out from its bed, then picking it up to find a sharp edge, a crack or some chips.

But……I also found some pretty little pieces of the softest aqua colour, a few perfect pebble shapes and lovely matte white triangle. Now what to do with them….

I have put my seaglass in a clear vase on the windowsill so I can admire it until I have the creative confidence to do it justice.

Do any of you collect sea glass? Any special finds? What are your favourite colours?

(Originally published August 7, 2009)

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