Delightful Delicas..

All our delicas photographs have now been retaken and upgraded and I think it has made a huge difference to our delica category. I actually had quite a bit of fun testing out all the different settings on my camera and comparing them to ones I took with my husbands macro lens. I learnt quite a bit about depth of field and using the correct aperture! Hopefully the new photos will make it much easier for you to choose the right color and finish for your current project.

Delicas or cylinder beads are made exclusively in Japan by Miyuki, and Toho who call theirs ‘Treasures’. They are the highest quality bead and are perfect for peyote, brick stitch and square stitch. The hex delicas have 6 faceted sides and are interchangeable with regular delicas giving your piece that little extra sparkle.

Now onto photographing the rocailles


(Originally published March 12, 2020)

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