12 days of beading (on the eleventh day)

Hello!!!  Long time no write.  We experienced some rather major difficulties (i.e. we were unable to access the dashboard to add new posts) so we decided to change servers.  And hopefully we will not have any such problems again.

So, before Christmas actually has come and gone,  here is idea 11 for you…

Christmas Kilt PinWe have for you a beautiful kilt pin, though it doesn’t necessarily need to be pinned onto a kilt!  It can be a pretty bag charm, brooch or scarf pin too.  As per usual, just click on the links to add each needed item to your cart on the website.  And if gold isn’t your thing, the metal components in this design come in silver/rhodium finish too.

You will need:

What to do:

  1. Put one of the pearls onto a head pin and make an open loop.  Attach the pearl onto the ring of the pendant (where the dove dangles from).
  2. Snip the head off of one of the headpins and make an open loop with your round nose pliers (or use eye pin).  Attach the angel pendant to the loop.  Then thread a bicone, then a pearl, then another bicone on. Start a wrapped loop at the top of the head pin, attach it to the first loop on the kilt pin, then finish.
  3. Take another head pin and thread a pearl, a donut, a pearl, a bicone, another donut and a bicone onto it.  Start a wrapped loop, attach to the second loop on the kilt pin and finish.
  4. Put one pearl onto a headpin and make an open loop.  Put one bicone on a head pin and make an open loop.  Attach these to the jump ring on the snowflake charm.
  5. Snip the head off of another pin and make an open loop.  Attach the snowflake charm.  Then thread on a donut and a pearl.  Start a wrapped loop, attach it to the third loop on the kilt pin, and finish.

Feel free to add whatever odds and ends you may have in your bead box too…usually the more of a mix of beads these designs have, the better they turn out!  Chain always looks great dangling from loop to loop too.

Have fun making them!


Hollie XO

(Originally published December 19, 2012)

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