🎶Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow! 🎶

I adore autumn. I resist summer’s end with the first few leaves that begin turning, but only momentarily! Within a few weeks, as morning shadows lengthen and more leaves colour, I look forward to the coziness of fall.

The season brings rain and cooler temps to most of Canada, and makes our crafting time all the more appealing. Seasonal décor is in some stores already so let’s explore free patterns for beady seasonal décor inspired by our Canadian winter.


You can find our Snowflake wire frames here.

Evergreen Tree

  • The Christmas tree has such appeal, that many Canadians enjoy creating their own versions, no matter which holiday they celebrate. Here is a step-by-step wire worked evergreen with photo instructions – just keep clicking the forward arrow and follow along. These opaque dark green Czech seed beads would suit this work, as will this 20 gauge copper wire.

Year after year the first snowfall mesmerizes me. While I make snowflakes to decorate our Yuletide tree, I will dream of the first enchanting snowfall ……. (and forget that I might use colourful language by March when it continues to snow and seems like it will keep snowing into summer!).

🎵Let me bead, let me bead, let me bead!🎵


(Originally published September 13th, 2021)

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