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  • Bead Sharp!

    Confused about which needle, when... hopefully this blog piece will 'point' you in the right direction.
  • Meet Mandi Olaniyi: Happy Accidents

    Mandi Olaniyi is a self-taught beader who “jumped into beading and started designing". Read more about Mandi
  • Pantone Color of the Year 2023 – Viva Magenta

    Pantone color of the year 2023 - Viva Magenta 18-1750
  • December 2022 Ramblings by Cathy

    As I sit and sip my tea with Sting playing in the background (I adore his Christmas album “If On a Winter’s Night…”), I’m in a contemplative frame ...
  • The Beadworkers Guild

    The Beadworkers Guild bills itself as “a vibrant community brought together by shared passion for beading,”
  • Heralds of the Festive Season

    Today we celebrate two heralds of the winter festive season, bells and stars.
  • Meet Jamie Cloud Eakin – Life is Too Short to Wear Ordinary Jewelry

    Jamie’s love of beads expresses itself in designs that can be complex and exquisite or easy and fun. Read more about Jamie Cloud Eakin.
  • The Magic of Making

    I did a wee bit of research. It turns out that the earliest evidence of beadwork dates from about 75,000 years ago.
  • Sticking Together

    How much do we really know about the glue we work with?
  • Meet Julie Glasser

    Julie’s fave pieces include her beaded house, which is an exact replica of her actual home.  Read more about Julie...
  • Meet Neva Brown

    A self-confessed perfectionist, Neva’s high standards are evident in her signature bead collars and she has proudly participated in every Battle of the Beadsmiths since its inception a decade ago. Read on to learn more about Neva
  • Meet Maria Rypan

    Maria Rypan’s work has been featured in many beadwork publications.  Read more about Maria Rypan...