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Heidi KummliThis month, we have the honor of presenting Heidi Kummli, an innovative bead artist, published and award-winning, who beads at 9000 feet elevation from an off-the-grid mountain acreage west of Boulder, Colorado. In that idyllic spot, which Heidi shares with husband Gregg and their three dogs, Maya, Sam, and Rocky, Heidi’s work has evolved, through trial and error and the ongoing inspiration from spirit.

Beading since 1975, Heidi’s contemplative and grounded nature, and her fondness for natural elements – rock, bone, feathers, fur, and references to our animal cousins, perhaps drawing in the energy of her Chippewa Great Grandmother Nora – infuse her pieces with the energy of Mother Earth. Her amulets, necklaces, earrings, cuffs, beaded 3-D objects, and wall hangings draw one into contemplation.

"My art flows through my fingers, as I listen and respond to the heart of each bead. Like the hollow bone of a shaman, I allow spirit to express itself through me. I can’t take credit for the results, as it is deeper than myself."

Stork Cuff

Deeply connected to nature (Heidi also teaches Shamanism, a spiritual practice that brings healing into the world), Heidi's beadwork is an expression of herself, Mother Earth, and the beauty that   surrounds her. She hopes the wearer of her beadwork feels a sense of oneness with the earth and its creatures, and that each piece might bring a sense of healing and peace into our world. (To see more of Heidi’s gifted, meaningful pieces, head over to her Etsy shop at HeidiKummliDesigns and her website at

Embellished BuffaloSince 1997, Heidi’s creativity has earned numerous design awards, most recently as 2019 Finalist of the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award for her work titled “Bear Bones,” Alternative Metals and Materials   category.

Her beautiful beadwork has been displayed and admired around the world.

"I've spent most of my life in quietude and the solitude of that place deep within, living among the forests and mountain spirits, learning from their many lessons."

Lotus Flower Pendant  Poppy Earrings

A master beader and designer, Heidi is also a generous teacher. You can learn from Heidi through books, her YouTube channel, and through tutorials, bead retreats, and workshops – private workshops and spiritual bead classes she offers most summers from her mountain home.

Now wouldn’t that be a bead dream getaway?

Happy Beady Dreams, Cathy

Beaded Wolf Face  Owl Pendant

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