1 Pair Scissors Micro Tip No. 5 by Fiskars

Scissors Micro Tip No. 5 by Fiskars Qty:1 pair

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A good, fine tipped pair of scissors is always indispensable! To make their best quality scissors, Fiskars grind their highest grade stainless steel to a precision sharp edge. The result is a scissor that makes a clean, crisp cut all the way to the tip- a feature vital for people who cut fabric or thread.  They are ergonomically designed and feel sculpted to your hand, giving you unmatched comfort, sensitivity and control when cutting.

  • Designed for making sharp cuts in confined spaces
  • Precision cut to stay sharp longer
  • Softgrip reduces hand fatigue
  • Lifetime warranty (through manufacturer)
  • Made in China
  • Qty: Package of 1 pair