Czech Seedbeads 11/0 Amethyst Solgel Silver Lined

Czech Seedbeads 11/0 Amethyst Solgel Silver Lined Qty:1 Hank

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Preciosa seedbeads are known for their good quality, color and uniformity.  11/0 seed beads are the 'standard' size used for bead weaving.

Solgel – or Sol Gel – is a specialized coating treatment that gives the beads more durability.  It protects against sunlight, cosmetics, perspiration and washing. The colors are ideal for adding to garments as they are fade resistant and washable in temperatures below 40C.

    • Diameter of 2.1mm, approx. 12 beads per inch
    • Hole size of 0.7mm for transparent colors, 0.8mm for opaque colors
    • Needle sizes 11 and smaller
    • Thread size O, B & D
    • Made in the Czech Republic by Preciosa
    • Qty: approx 18g