Why Haven’t I Thought of That?

Okay….so I admit to HATING making wrapped loops on head pins.  My problem? Never being able to tuck in the sticky-outty trimmed bit of the wrapped wire.  My chain nose pliers slipping and snapping whilst completely missing the point of tucking that sharp cut end of wire neatly into the wraps.


Then today…sheer (and oh-so-obvious!) genius comes my way, into my inbox.  I read an article about ‘How to Make The Perfect Wrapped Loop’.  Haven’t we all seen this before?  But I clicked anyways.  And I am so glad I did, because their tip was to use the rounded bit of your crimping pliers to tuck your loose end in and tidy up your wraps.  How could this little tip have eluded me for all these years…and better yet, why had I not thought of that???  Maybe that is why I sell beading supplies and refrain from doing courses….;)

Did anyone else know about this little gem of a tip?  Do you have any recently found tips that have given you the same ‘Duh, of course!’ response as this one has for me?  Please share:)

(Originally published April4, 2011)

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