Swarovski Bicones Get Gorgeous

Did you know…. 

The 5301 bicone by Swarovski is getting an overhaul! As if they were not beautiful enough, they are going to be replaced by the 5328 XILION, a copyrighted cut giving the bicone more brilliance and light reflection.

Basically, where you have an edge on the 5301 (from the pointed end towards the middle) an extra facet will be cut along each of those edges. The overall shape and size of the 5328 will be the same, so the two can be used interchangeably.

Here at The Beading Room we will slowly be phasing out out 5301 to be replaced with the 5328 as we go out of stock.

The cost of the 5328 is meant to be the same, so we are hoping suppliers maintain the prices. There should be no increase in the immediate future. They are already becoming available, so you should see them with us shortly.

The colour range, we are told, will be the same as the 5301. The transition may affect some of the custom colour coated lines we carry though, which may come a little later than the rest. We will keep you posted!

So, if you have some 5301, you may want to keep them stashed in a safe place-you never know, you may be onto a vintage treasure in the future!!!

***Photo from the Bead and Button forum

(Originally published August 5, 2009)

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