So What are ‘Silver Filled’ Products Anyways?

With the ever-rising prices of Sterling Silver, many jewelry artists are turning to Silver Filled products as a way of keeping their prices within budget for more of their customers.  You get all the look, feel and workability of Sterling Silver at a much lower price!


Silver filled products are not actually ‘filled with silver’, despite what the name implies.  Nor are they the same as silver plated.

A thick, bonded layer of Sterling Silver covers a copper-alloy core.  It is HUNDREDS times thicker than silver plating and can be soldered too.  It looks and behaves just as Sterling Silver would.

Silver Filled Ear Wires

Our Silver Filled findings, wire, chain and beads are of premium quality.  They are 9.25/10, meaning they are almost 10% Sterling Silver- most of our competitors are 9.25/20, or 5%.  SO don’t be fooled! They are also coated in a non-tarnish finish, helping them to look better for longer between polishings.

Why not give them a try?  You can see our full range by clicking here.

(Originally published October 16, 2011)

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