project by the beading room: ‘they say it’s spring’ ring

'They Say It's Spring' Ring

The spring buds and blossoms have inspired us to create this pretty ring.  It is quick and easy to make but so unique and pretty.  All of your friends will want one (and you can oblige because they are so simple to put together!).  It is named after the song ‘They Say It’s Spring’ by Blossom Dearie.  Listen to it here and you’ll hear that the song is just about as cute as the ring!  It’s the perfect song to listen to as you enjoy the warming weather and make this design.

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what to do:


    1. Use the ring sizer to shape your shank into a circular shape.  Ends should be almost touching.
    2. Take your wire and cut it in half so that you have 2x 15cm pieces.
    3. Thread one piece of the wire through the two holes and twist together tightly at the top where they meet.  Take the other length of wire and thread that through the loop created by the first piece of wire, so that it is running perpendicular to it.  Center it and twist the ends together tightly in the middle.

'They Say It's Spring' Ring Step 3

  1. Use flat nose pliers to flatten the twists down so that they are level with the ring shank and firm.  You now have 4 lengths of wire to thread your beads onto.

    'They Say It's Spring' Ring Step 4

  2. First, thread one of your leaves on the ‘north’ length of wire, then a seed bead.  Leave about 1/4 inch of wire beyond the seed bead and trim the rest off.
  3. Using fine round nose pliers, create a little spiral at the end, making sure to spiral until the leaf is very firmly positioned.
  4. Repeat on the ‘south’ wire.

    'They Say It's Spring' Ring Step 7

  5. Now do the same on the ‘east’ and ‘west’ wires, but threading the flower beads with a seed bead this time.
  6. Give your flowers and leaves a little wiggle and jiggle to make sure they are positioned well and snugly.  Adjust if necessary.  Put back on the sizer to make sure the ring is shaped nicely.


'They Say It's Spring' Ring Final

Play around with different leaf and flower color combinations to create the perfect look for you:)  Adding different colored seed beads to the centers of flowers can create interest too.

(originally published April 18, 2013)


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