Predicting the Top 10 Jewellery Trends for 2018

It is always fun to start a new year- to predict what new trends the year will bring, and which styles we will carry forward because we are enjoying them so darn much!  2018 jewellery looks similar to that which was popular in 2017, with a few twists.

According to several online trend sources, you will be seeing these things in the coming year:

  1. Asymmetrical Earrings: Not totally different earrings, but ones on a similar theme.  One may be long, one short.  Or they may vary in shape or colour.  But they should be paired to each other in one design quality.  These earrings from are a perfect example-asymmetrical earrings(photo source: Getty Images)
  2. Big Hoops:  They continue to reign supreme and they get even bigger and ‘badder’ into 2018.  Just try not to wear any that are actually larger than your head :) Look at these gorgeous brass ones:Large Brass Hoops Tribes Society(photo source/credit: Etsy ‘Tribe Society’ Store)
  3. Layered Rings: This trend continues into next year, with even more layering and variety.  You will see the semi-precious stones being complimented by crystal and glass more this year.layered rings source:
  4. Androgynous Punk: Need we say more?  Edgy, funky, sexy.(photo credit:
  5. Faux Vintage Brooches:  I have a beautiful enamelled butterfly brooch that I inherited from my great-grandmother.  Looks like 2018 is the year to wear it.  Insects, butterflies, animals and foliage are all going to be on trend, worn high on the shoulder or in an unexpected, whimsical place.fauxbrooch cleoras etsy(photo credit: Etsy ‘Cleoras’ Store)
  6. Single Pearl Jewellery: Don’t string them!  One will do on a simple chain or silk cord, knotted into center position.single pearl Femina Handmade(photo credit: Femina Handmade)
  7. Chokers:  You either love them or avoid them.  Simple chain chokers will be everywhere in 2018.Silver Curb Chain Choker ShopEvren(photo credit: ShopEvren)
  8. Quality Rhinestone Pieces:  The cheap stuff won’t do this year.  It needs to be crystal and it needs to be well made, like this stunning necklace:rhinestone metal necklace(photo credit: Jacobs)
  9. The Tassel Earrings: They are not going anywhere- except towards the floor!  Wear them as long as you dare.tassel-earrings credit:
  10. Chewable, Organic Wood Beads:  This one is for teething children, but may be a good alternative for the nervous nail biter as well!  Wood replaces the man-made silicone chewy beads as a more natural choice.  These beautiful examples include crochet-covered wooden beads as well:Wooden and crochet beads(photo source: Fairy of Color)

Which trends are you liking?  How will these be influencing your creativity in 2018?  Let us know by leaving a comment!

(Originally published December 19, 2017)

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