Not Enough Time!

Hi everyone! I am terribly sorry that I haven’t been blogging the past few days. We have been sorting out the MIYUKI DELICA 15/0s! Yes, they arrived, but this is a second shipment from our suppliers. We no sooner have got them online and they have started selling! This is the widest range of online 15/0s in Canada as far as we can find. If you know anywhere else let us know please so we can order even more:)

We will be expanding our whole Miyuki range and are really looking to be Canada’s premier online retailer of all Miyuki beads. They are THE BEST quality seedbeads, do not be fooled by the imitators! Any avid beader will tell you that it does make a difference to your work, especially intricate patterns and designs. The Miyuki bead is as uniform in colour, shape and size as it gets. So we will be stocking all sizes of seedbeads, triangles, squares, bugles, drops (or fringe beads), magatamas and kits in the coming months. Along with lots of other accessories, threads and goodies to make The Beading Room your one stop shop for all your beading needs.

I am making this a short and sweet entry today as I have a lot of ordering to do tonight….just wait and see what goodies are going to arrive in the coming weeks! Thanks as always from the bottom of our hearts to all our customers and readers for making our jobs so worthwhile, exciting and fun:) Please leave a comment to let us know what you would like to see on our site too!

 (Originally published August 21, 2009)

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