Making Time

Ugh. Do you sometimes feel like time slips away and all those plans you have for beading stay just that, plans?

Me too. So here are some tips I’ve sourced on how to make time.

The few I’ve tried have worked for me! I think it’s a matter of finding which idea feels doable for you.

  1. Block off chunks of time – or a weekend – when you WILL NOT visit social media. Yes, you might miss the latest wonderful beaded bead, shape or pendant, but they will still be there when you return.
  2. Could you stay up an hour later or get up an hour earlier one day a week? Put on a TED talk or some amazing tunes and bead away? With no pestering family members, you can get a lot done! (Watch out for your kitties, though; I’ve seen on beading groups that they don’t respect our beadboards!)
  3. When you have only a small little window of quiet, use it to set up new beading projects. I have at least two major ones in the pipeline, ready to go. And I always have several small projects ready for me to dive into (I like making loomed bracelets and I have more than one beaded box on the go for when I have bigger chunks of time)
  4. Find a friend with whom you could “meet” on Facetime or Zoom, when you’ll both bead and chat. These crafting sessions used to be called “Stitch and Bitch” back in the day!
  5. Inspiration works wonders! Check out our new arrivals and our inspirations pages on the blog page.

My last one is my favourite: I find a deadline. Seriously. When I know company is coming everything in the house gets done … the bathroom is spotless and the living room, inviting! Knowing you have an event that needs a gift will help you burn that midnight oil and skip the time sponging social media rabbit holes!

Ready? Set? Go!!! It’s beading time!

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

(Originally published April 30, 2021)

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