It’s Never Too Early to Bead for the Holiday Season

I grumble – every single year – that the Holidays snuck up on me!

As if!

It’s just me who is not organized, forgets to plan, and doesn’t always manage her time well. I thought that if I could use a nudge, maybe others would appreciate a reminder as well.

Whether you celebrate Diwali, Bodhi Day, Christmas, Pancha Ganapati, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or one of the many other December celebrations, it’s not too early to start now.

August is the perfect time to plan what you’ll create this year, decide how many you want to make, create a list of the required beads and findings, and place your order. You’ll be ready to begin creating come September, if not earlier.

There are good reasons to jump-start festive activities.

  • Get Happy! According to psychologists, those of us who decorate early are more “in touch with our inner child,” which adds moments of childlike innocence and feelings of happiness.
  • Plan and Perfect! If you begin early, you have the luxury of getting exactly the pieces you want for your jewellery, decorations, and gifts. No need for disappointing substitutions.
  • Make it Inclusive! If you have little ones, you can plan one crafty item to do with the kidlets. No doubt these will create their magical childhood memories.

If you need inspiration, check out our inspiration page, where  you’ll find ideas and instructions for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, as well as our archived blogs. And there’s always the Pinterest rabbit hole to fall into and get merrily lost in!

Our Christmas 2020 section is now on the website, filled with all shapes, sizes and colors of red, green, gold and silver. And keep an eye on our new products too! The Christmas season will be on us before you know it.


Here’s what I’m going to get around to soon. I loved getting my stash of components ready and these inexpensive festive boxes fit each craft. These snowy crafts (so delightfully Canadian!)  will charm friends and family as gifts. And each will add a dreamlike sparkle to our own Yuletide festivities.

I am in the mood for eggnog!

Bead happy!


(Originally published August 4, 2020)

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