How to Avoid Emerg Visits!

So the other day, while into my bead embroidery, I lost my needle. A long, thin size 12. Somehow, as I was tidying my project to call it a night, I think I must have caught the thread and before I realized it, woosh, the needle was gone. When I noted its absence, I panicked! You see, I’m also a sewing enthusiast and recalled times in the past when a lost sewing pin had gone unnoticed by me until it found me when I stepped on it. Let me tell you that pulling those pins out of your toes is painful! I had to find that beading needle!!!

Still sitting in front of my working table, I first scanned my clothes, gingerly poking folds and eventually standing up to check my upholstered chair. Nothing.

I went and checked my spot in the living room, as I now doubted when it might have gone missing. (I did this sneakily, so as not to alert hubby, who often worries about my needles!) Nothing.

Back in my craft room, I got down on hands and knees and with a magnet in hand, scoured the entire floor area, partially covered with a sisal rug. Nothing.

Finally, I vacuumed. Although I’d hoped to hear a metal object being sucked up, nothing.

For a few days I was plagued with visions of the needle finding me as I sat down to bead. I have pulled thick sewing pins out of my feet, but that lovely super thin needle was likely to go so far into my, well, you know, that I’d end up at emerg … and give the staff there a story to giggle over, I’m sure!

I gave up searching as there were no more spots to search. A few days passed and as I glanced down at the floor by my feet, what did I see but my needle, now lying right at my feet in the spot where I’d lost it – there’s no way I would have missed that and so I can only assume that it came loose from wherever it had lodged itself.

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And you might add a magnetized needle case to tuck those wanderers away when not in use!

Bead Safe,


(Originally published February 25, 2021)

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