Friendship Beads

A great way to link up with local (and sometimes distant!) beaders is to attend a beading retreat. A beading retreat is held over the course of 2-3 days and is usually a mixture of scheduled classes, social events and sometimes sightseeing excursions.

There are two ways fees for the retreat are collected. An organizer may require a booking fee for their services, then you pay each tutor or expert for the classes you want to attend. Their costs usually include the materials needed for the project you will be completing. For other bead retreats, you may pay a whole lump sum which includes all or some of the classes during the course of an event.

Bead retreats can be big elaborate events (I saw a Caribbean Cruise with Swarovski advertised a few month ago!!!) or a close-knit, local event organized by an individual, group or society. The great thing about beading is anyone is welcome at either! You will find beaders amongst the friendliest, most encouraging and supportive group of people you will ever encounter. Beginners and experts will find the experience equally as enjoyable.

A bead retreat is a wonderful way to learn new techniques, share ideas and make great new friends. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t attended one to experience a retreat sooner rather than later!

If you are lucky enough to live in the Ottawa area, or have always wanted an excuse to visit our nation’s capital, there is a retreat planned for October by one of our customers. Sharron is a passionate, knowledgable beader with a wealth of experience and a dynamic personality. You may even see me there…if I can get away from The Beading Room long enough!

Also, please let us know if you would be interested in a bead retreat coming to your town. I know Sharron is eager and willing to organize retreats in other places for keen beaders.

Now get out there and sign yourself up for a retreat- meet some new friends, learn some new techniques, make some beautiful pieces and have fun!

(Originally published August 22, 2009.)

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