The other day, I allowed myself to be dragged down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Oh yeah.

Some days I dream about home décor and fill my folders with photos of beautiful rooms, but this time I perused bead-lust topics! Beaded jewellery, beaded earrings, beaded anklets, embroidery and curtains, oh my!

As I meandered down that Pinterest path, I once again marveled at the creativity and productivity of humans. It is astounding.

My last stop on Pinterest was 3D beading.  Oh boy!!

Check out this gorgeous rose.

How about this sweet little pumpkin, so appropriate for October.

This teensy weensy mouselet.

The only problem with these 3D creations – beautiful and impressive as they are – is that they are tough for those of us who cannot “see” in 3D. Directions are, alas, gobbledy-gook to some of us.

In beading, as in life, it’s important to know your limitations. Sure, pushing your boundaries is a nice concept, but surely it’s not necessary in every aspect of your life?

If your beading skill leans toward more linear projects, like this lovely simple bracelet, that’s okay! Or how about this pendant, which looks so sophisticated with its use of a few shaped beads. The bracelet and pendant patterns are free from The Beading Room and provides links to each of the bead types required.

Somewhere I read that expectations are pre-meditated resentment. I don’t know about you, but I love to keep my beading my happy place, no pressure and no overblown expectations!

Check out Pinterest to get inspired and head to The Beading Room’s super stash to get you started.

Bead easy, Cathy

(originally published October 24, 2020)

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