December 2022 Ramblings by Cathy

As I sit and sip my tea with Sting playing in the background (I adore his Christmas album “If On a Winter’s Night…”), I’m in a contemplative frame of mind.

I’ve been printing out the day’s orders, ready to fill them, and I’ve been musing on the last year here at The Beading Room. In 2022, the intensity of the 2020/2021 Covid lockdowns subsided; this year is wrapping up in a quieter fashion. (Can you believe it’s been three years of learning to live with Covid?)

Hey! I’m rather chuffed about how I expanded stock last year. A long-term goal is to carry all the glorious colours offered in Miyuki’s Delica line. Considering that the size 11/0s, the most popular size, number at 1100 colours (!!!), that is no small goal! The Beading Room now carries just shy of 700 colours of size 11/0 Miyuki Delicas. Wow, right? 😊

And I’m excited about a gorgeous new Preciosa Czech seed bead line, Terra Intensives. In a nutshell, if you love colour, you’ll love the Intensives! We carry several of these rich-hued seeds now, and will be expanding the popular line in 2023, to include the new matte versions. Still offering that super satisfying hit of drenched colour, the matte beads appeal to those of us who are fond of the more earthy matte finish.

Speaking of Czech seeds, a second goal for 2023 is to expand our stock of size 6/0, 8/0, 10/0 and 11/0s with colour coordination in mind. This will facilitate your sculptural as well as Cellini spiral creations – or whatever your imagination comes up with!

The Beading Room continues to stock macrame cord, Asian knotting cord, a complete line of Fireline…tons of tools, supplies, findings, looms…all the what-nots of jewellery making, beading, and beadwork of various kinds. Before the holiday season becomes too busy, be sure to grab a cuppa and treat yourself to spending some time planning your next project!

Blackforest Gateau Beaded Box by Katie Dean Beadflowers

I’ll scoot now, fill today’s orders, and get back to my own beading table where I’m working on Katie Dean’s “Blackforest Gateaux Beaded Box”…isn’t it scrumptious?



Bead easy my fellow beadlings, Best Holiday Wishes to All,

Cathy Embling

(Originally published December 12, 2022)

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