Bead Hygge

Have you heard about “hygge”?

It’s a Danish and Norwegian word that translates as coziness, comfort, and contentment. In the home, this includes candles lit as dusk falls, mirrors reflecting the wavering candle flame, cozy coverlets ready for you to snuggle into; and fuzzy winter slippers.

I love creating this soothing atmosphere as winter deepens. It helps me get through our pretty tough east-coast Canadian winters.

What about bead hygge? How do you stay warm and comfy while beading through the winter?

Here are a few ideas.

  • Keep a lap-sized coverlet draped over your beading chair. Even with central heating, on a cold day, this can warm you up and hopefully keep cold fingers at bay.
  • It might be impossible to bead by candle light, but having one or two nearly, casting their delightful dancing shadows, instills such a sense of calmness. I particularly love this beeswax globe by Canadian company
  • Skip the Netflix and YouTube, which are too distracting for serious beading, and listen to an interesting podcast, TED Talk, or a radio show, old school! Keep the topic light or educational and ratchet down seasonal anxiety. Here’s a funny one that you might sneak the odd peak to see this young lady’s creations. The title is “Why you should make useless things”!

But most important!?? Don’t run out of beads for beading projects! Check out our newest line up of fabulous goodies!

I wish you all the merriest and happiest of holidays.

Keep calm and carry on beading, Cathy

(Originally published December 23, 2021)

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