All That Jazz

What can I say about 2020? I’ve seen every imaginable variation of “good riddance” in recent newsletters (my fave was the Grinch saying 2020 “stink, stank, stunk”!!). It’s been a year for the historians, social scientists, medical researchers, and political pundits to ponder for decades to come. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

Let’s celebrate making it to 2021, still beading and crafting. If we focus on these activities for the foreseeable future, we’ll make it through 2021 and into 2022, which I predict will be a stellar year!

A new year is associated with new beginnings. And with that in mind, I’m ready to share that soon, so soon, The Beading Room will have a new beginning of sorts … with a gorgeous, modern, fast and easy to use website!!!!!

Alas, we may wait a week or two into the new year before it’s ready to press the “launch” button, but stay tuned and be prepared to be amazed. (I cried a few tears of joy when I reviewed the preview, of course!)

While we wait, here’s an inspiration for a Valentine’s Day project, a snazzy, jazzy heart pendant.

I can’t wait to present the new website, but for now,

Hold onto your beads!


(Originally published January 6, 2021)

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