12 days of beading (on the third day….)

We love today’s idea.  We weren’t in love with version 1 though.  Let’s just say it turned into a mess of rhinestone flatbacks, wasted Swarovski, and a split tube of glue.

So we walked away, made a cup of chai, and came back with these, which I think are just so pretty.

on the third day...artemis stardust tree earrings


Swarovski Artemis Beads are the new Margaritas when it comes to making Christmas Trees.  What we didn’t like was the long flatness of the facets- so we played with the wire a little they are anything but boring now.

What you need:

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What you do:

  1. Take one length of wire and turn it into a spiral with round nose pliers.  Then fold it 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the remaining length.  This is to stop the 8mm stardust bead from coming off when it is strung (it has a larger hole).
  2. Then thread on the 8mm bead, the Artemis Bead and the 4mm bead.
  3. Carefully thread the wire back down through the 4mm bead until just a loop is left at the top (this will attach to your earring hook).
  4. Then start wrapping the wire around the Artemis bead so it goes around 3 times and ends at the back of the earring.
  5. Use your round nose pliers to make a decorative swirl and tuck the end under the bottom of the Artemis bead.  Snip off any excess if required.
  6. Open the loop on the earring hook and attach to the little tree you have made.
  7. Repeat for the other one!  Unless of course you like to wear only one earring…or you are making it into a pendant.  Or a bookmark. 

And there you have it… Artemis Stardust Tree earrings.  Of course, you could use silver, copper or gunmetal instead of the gold wire and beads.  And our 17mm Artemis beads come in 14 colors to choose from.

See you tomorrow,

Hollie XO

(Originally published November 23, 2012)

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