12 days of beading (on the tenth day…)

A sweet and simple project that makes a wonderful gift with a great book.  I still books are the one of the greatest gifts you can give! Even better when they come with this beautiful bookmark:)

Angelic Book Mark

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Take your eye pin and thread on the Artemis bead, the wings, the crystal round and then the rhinestone rondelle.
  2. Start to make a loop but stop to link it to one end of the chain.  Make a wrapped loop at the top of the eye pin to connect the angel securely to the chain.  Make sure to keep wrapping until all the components are sitting snugly together.
  3. Open the jump ring and connect the other end of the chain to the bookmark.
  4. Find a great book to tuck your little angel into.


We also do the bookmarks in gold, copper and rhodium (darker silver)- so you can choose the other elements to match the metal of your choice.  The wings also come in antique brass and antique copper.  Add splashes of color in your rondelle, or choose a contrasting color for your angel’s head to really define the parts.

Two more days left!  Tomorrow’s idea is for all you Scots out there (in keeping with ’11 pipers piping’, of course!).

See you,

Hollie XO

(Originally published December 2, 2012)

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