12 days of beading (on the sixth day…)

We are back after a two day technological misadventure (that’s what I can these web problems now!).  If you follow us on Facebook you have been looking at the the photo of this project and waiting for the blog.  We like to tease!

Beaded Napkin RingsThis is another great project for the whole family.  It uses bracelet-sized Memory Wire and assorted beads to create one-of-a-kind napkin rings for your dinner table. Don’t be surprised if your dinner guests end up wearing them as bracelets through the course of the evening..it happens every time for us:)  The quantities of supplies below will make 6 in total, so adjust as necessary.

You will need:

What to do:

  1. Cut 4 loops of Memory wire for each ring and fold back one end of each length with your round nose pliers to make a loop.
  2. Divide all your beads and bead caps up between 6 and put them into plastic baggies, mixed- one bag for each napkin ring.  Add a length of the cut wire to each bag.  Then you can pass a ‘kit’ to each family member to assemble;)
  3. String on all the beads, randomly, putting the bead caps around about 12 of the 6mm fire polished rounds per ring.
  4. Once all the beads are strung, fold back the other end with round nose pliers so the beads won’t fall off.


Feel free to experiment with different color combinations:)

See you tomorrow!

Hollie XO

(Originally published November 28, 2012)

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