12 days of beading (on the fifth day…)

You knew it had to include ‘five golden rings!!!‘ on the fifth day, didn’t you?  In fact, there are a few more than five.  You can’t get enough golden rings;)

So here is our beautiful ‘Golden Ring Bracelet and Earring Set’.  I am keeping this one for myself:)

Golden Rings Bracelet and Earrings

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Cut chain to desired length for wrist, taking into consideration the length of the clasp.
  2. Put each UFO bead onto a head pin and begin a wrapped loop (just folded over, not wrapped yet!)
  3. Lay your chain out and attach each UFO bead to a ‘middle’ twisted ring, alternating sides.
  4. Attach each end of the magnetic clasp to the chain with the split rings.
  5. Bracelet done!
  6. Cut remaining chain so that you have one of each link type (an oval and two circles).
  7. Attach the chain to your earring hooks, opening the ring on the hook carefully and attaching the oval link.
  8. Put two UFO beads onto headpins and use a wrapped loop to attach to the middle circle as you did with the bracelet.
  9. Using flat nose pliers, ‘grab’ the ring on the earring hook and slowly turn it 45 degrees so the rings dangle in the correct direction.
  10. Repeat for the other one.
  11. Choose who you will give this lovely set to (or keep it like I am!)

Top tip: Hate snipping and snapping at your wrapped loop end, trying to tuck it in?  Use your crimping pliers instead!  Gently place the wrap in the rounded part of the pliers and squeeze.  Rotate and squeeze again.  Everything tucks in nicely!

Don’t you love these UFO beads?  Their name just doesn’t do their elegance justice.  There are some other stunning colors too- like the Aqua- which would look equally as beautiful in this set.

Tomorrow we’ll be half way there!  Day 6…

Hollie XO

(Originally published November 25, 2012)

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