12 days of beading (on the eighth day…)

Eight maids a milking..tricky to translate into a jewelry design.  But we do have something that is made up of eight strings for you!  This Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet is pretty quick to make for a bead woven project (about 2-3 hours) and easy if you have done some Kumihimo before.  If you haven’t, please watch this video and this other video to get the hang of what kumihimo is.  We also suggest you try a simple braid with rattail and a beaded braid with seeds before progressing to the long magatamas.

Festive Wreath Kumihimo BraceletYou will need:

What to Do:

  1. Cut 8 lengths of S-Lon, 32 inches each and do an overhand knot on one end to keep them together. (The video demonstrates doing 4 and cutting them in half-do whichever you prefer!).
  2. Pour out the LMA 2005s onto your bead board.  Divide into 3 even piles.
  3. Take one of the lengths of S-Lon and put loose end through big eye needle.  Thread on one of the piles. Be careful to thread your beads on in the same direction!  Magatama beads are angled and need to be loaded carefully to give a uniform look.
  4. Open one of the bobbins and wrap the length around, spacing out beads even as you wrap.  Leave about 4 inches out of the bobbin and close. Repeat for two more strings, so you will have 3 strings of this color in all.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the LMA2008s.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 for the LMA1051s, but only divide the beads into two piles and thread on the remaining two strings.
  7. Now put the knotted end down through the top middle hole of the disk.  Attach weight underneath.
  8. Set up your warps: Starting at the top left and moving clockwise, place the strings around the dots in this order: LMA2005, LMA2005, LMA1051, LMA2008, LMA2008, LMA2008, LMA2051 and LMA.2005
  9. Weave about 1/4 of an inch with no beads in the normal 8-warp pattern (as demonstrated in video).
  10. Start dropping in one bead at a time, ensuring it is tucked under the first warp it crosses and is pointing in the correct direction, towards the outside of the disk.
  11. Repeat until desired length.  Allow about 6-7cm (2 1/2in) for the cones and clasp.
  12. When desired length, continue for about 1.2cm (1/4 inch) without any beads.
  13. Remove all warps from disk.  Remove all bobbins and tie loose ends in an overhand knot, close to the end of the beads.
  14. Take an eye pin and open the eye slightly.  Push the end of the eye pin through the knot, towards the dangling ends, so the eye catches on the knot.  Close the eye.
  15. Place a few drops of glue on the knot and the where the eye pin is caught.  Trim ends of S-Lon when glue is dry.
  16. Thread the cone onto the eye pin, tucking all the ends nice and snug into the cone.
  17. Thread on one of the pearls and then finish the end of the eye pin with a wrapped loop so everything is snug and tight.
  18. Attach end to one side of the toggle clasp with a jump ring (or split ring if preferred for extra security).
  19. Repeat for other side and you are done!!

Working on the Kumihimo Disk is just so much fun.  I love the feeling of the braid- chunky but fluid at the same time.  Once you get going with it, I guarantee you will be hooked:)

Tomorrow we have something a little bit simpler, but no less stunning!  Do you have the bottle to wear it? Hint, hint.

Until then,

Hollie XO

(Originally published November 30, 2012)

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